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Whole Wellness Club was started in 2007 by distributors for distributors. 

We provide products, services, marketing systems and monetary compensation to the home-based business industry that is simply not available from any other company.
Products:  We have laid a foundation for your business in product solutions that meet the needs of the most broadly held health challenges of our modern era.  Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and iatrogenic disease are at epidemic proportions all over the world.  We all live in an environment that is very hostile to our health.   Our products are, by design, without compromise and the best of their type.  When people begin to use them, they do not want to be without them.  This brings wellness into their lives and secures your business.

Marketing Systems:  Most people are not sales people yet all of us live on money generated from sales.  We have carefully developed marketing support systems that empower anyone to make sales.  You do not have to become a sales professional.  Our marketing systems do the work for you.  Make use of our marketing systems and you will find customers and other people who want to become a distributor like you.  Your efforts are easily duplicated using our system.
Compensation Plan:  It's not enough to have the best products and marketing systems that enable anyone to sell those products.  It is necessary that the compensation plan help people to cover their product and business costs quickly.  It also must empower them to create an income they could only dream of if they were working for someone else.  Our Simplicity Pay™ plan has no difficult barriers between you and the commissions you can earn.  We intend as a company to create more self-employment income than any company in history.  Be sure to look at our marketing plan.